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The power
to sustain
our planet.

From solar to wind power, E-Volve can integrate renewable energy into your business. We can help with design, materials, and construction to deliver a seamless solution that provides dependable power off the grid. No longer geared simply to early adopters, solar initiatives are now an integral part of our clients’ renewable energy generation plans. E-Volve has extensive expertise in pricing and monitoring as well as procurement strategies and financing options. Our proactive equipment monitoring approach integrates with advanced technology to ensure ideal system performance. We also know how to maximize economic efficiency by keeping your project within budget while meeting timelines.

E-Volve LED Lighting Solutions Texas

A much
to light.

Whether you need a new build or a retrofit application, LED lighting is a smart capital investment. E-Volve can perform an audit to determine the best solution for your business based on building architecture, fixtures, bulbs, lighting levels, energy consumption, employee productivity, budgets, future planning, and ROIs. We’ll design a customized, turnkey package from inception to completion to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while eliminating mercury usage and upgrading lighting quality. In many cases, we can also help you take advantage of energy provider rebates as high as 70% of the total cost of retrofit lighting projects.

solutions for
year-round comfort.

E-Volve HVAC Optimization Plano, TX

Your HVAC system is one of your company’s biggest consumers of electricity. By upgrading existing equipment or installing new state-of-the-art technology, E-Volve can help you reduce waste and increase efficiency dramatically. Utilizing an optimization plan, we can also integrate software with your building automation system to continually reduce energy consumption. Our experts ensure that chillers, boilers, air handling units, ductwork, diffusers, thermostats, and sensors are all working together to minimize usage without sacrificing performance. Not only will your equipment operate in peak form, but you’ll also enjoy healthier air quality and greater comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.

know-how to
build smarter

Using internet-of-things technology, E-Volve can transform any building into a smart one. To improve the function and efficiency of your facility, we first measure and verify its consumption. Next, we analyze the data to optimize your building’s operations and systems so we can help you achieve maximum efficiency. Finally, our team of hardware, software, and application engineers deploy intuitive energy management platforms that gather real-time data without the need for human interaction. By monitoring needs and regulating consumption, the system is able to dramatically reduce costs while delivering exceptional performance. It’s a complete solution that preserves energy and finances all by itself.