Solar Lies

Is Your Solar Company Lying to You? And who can you trust as prices continue to rise? Sadly, the answer is probably yes! Truth be told, little white lies are some of the most common marketing strategies when it comes to selling solar (or anything for that matter). Why? Because in this day and age, […]

Gen Zen: Millennials Lead the Conscious Living Charge

The term “conscious living” can account for so many different variables these days. It requires so much more than a feng shui living room, tranquil color schemes, or minimalist accessories. What matters most is the lifestyle choices you’re making around your daily routine activities. What are you wearing? How are you getting from point a […]

How’s Your Footprint Faring?

How’s Your Footprint Faring? And we, of course, mean your carbon footprint. For those of you that may not know, a reduction in your carbon footprint can mean much more than just good vibes and more likes on social your social account. It can actually be a very lucrative endeavor for companies that can acquire […]

What’s Your Clean Screen?

What’s Your Clean Screen? When it comes to all the buzzwords that make up your clean screen rating, there are many! Whether it be “renewables,” “carbon neutrality,” “zero emissions,” “carbon offset,” “carbon footprint” or “ecofriendly,” all are holding you to the same common denominator: clean energy. So, how clean is your carbon screen? And how […]

Beat Inflation by Going Solar

Beat Inflation by Going Solar A lot has changed in our economic landscape due to the global pandemic. More and more businesses are foregoing the standard corporate structures in favor of a remote workforce and, much to our dismay, inflation is once again on the rise. Currently holding steady at 6.2%, this is the highest […]

The Bright Side of The Equation

Watters Creek Mall: LED Lighting Use Case There’s nothing more unnerving than walking to your car in a dimly lit parking garage at night, right?! Especially during the high-traffic seasons when everyone is consumed with shopping, socializing and trying to make it to their next engagement on time. Well, local Dallas hotspot Watters Creek had […]