The national average cost for a home solar system is estimated around $18,000 but this cost can vary greatly depending on the number of solar components you wish to install, and the quality of the materials. In order to receive an accurate quote for the cost of a solar system for your home, contact the team at Evolve.

There are many aspects to consider, including your location, current energy consumption and the type of panels that you are interested in. There are many calculators online that can help you determine the right system that fits your unique needs.

Many types of roof are suited for solar panel systems. Asphalt roofs are the most common, and support solar panel installation perfectly.

For the smallest system, you will require around 4’ x 8’ of roof space in order to support the panels and related components. This measurement includes the work space surrounding each of the panels.

The cost for a solar energy system is variable depending on the type of system that you need. You can reduce the consumption of energy up to a total of 40%, which will be dramatically reflected on your utility bills.