Gen Zen: Millennials Lead the Conscious Living Charge

The term “conscious living” can account for so many different variables these days. It requires so much more than a feng shui living room, tranquil color schemes, or minimalist accessories. What matters most is the lifestyle choices you’re making around your daily routine activities. What are you wearing? How are you getting from point a to point B? And, of course, who are you retaining your household services from?

For those of you keeping score, team Millennial is leading the charge with a whopping 75%! In fact, multiple studies have shown that millennials, as a collective consciousness, are much more likely to retain their services from sustainable companies, alter their purchasing habits to sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle, and even flat out refuse to be employed by any company that is not sustainably mindful – and this of course refers to implementing ethical and equitable business practices in all areas.

So, what does it look like to live consciously and how can you be on #teammillennial? In short, it all comes down to the details!

  1. Tout Conscious Clothing: Some of you may not be aware that being “in style” can actually cause our environment to take a massive hit. Not only does the textile industry tend to use hazardous chemicals and harsh dies on their in-style trends, the production factories themselves also tend to utilize massive quantities of water and pesticides from an agricultural perspective. And the entire sector of the industry we call “fast fashion” literally translates to unnecessary waste because these products are cheaply made and therefore do nothing to protect our fragile ecosystem from excessively wasteful consumption.
  2. Grade Your Suppliers: One of the best ways to help you alter your buying habits is to favor products manufactured by certified B Corporations. B Corp is a private certification standard that companies earn in order to show their commitment to facilitating sustainable living practices for themselves and their consumers. Choosing mindful companies at the onset can make a huge difference when it comes to facilitating a more sustainable future for our planet. Not even sure where to start when it comes to finding these companies? Start here!
  3. Promote Conscious Commuting: And what’s the best way to promote anything? Lead by example! There are lots of ways you can do this and not all of them involve purchasing an electric vehicle, though that is a sure-fire way to sustain consciousness in your commute! Other ways include choosing to bike when you can, ridesharing or carpooling, and even opting for grocery delivery or dine-in delivery when possible.

And let’s not forget a sustainable diet! Sourcing your food sustainably is one of the biggest impacts you can make for yourself and the ecosystem as a whole. For those consumers that have the desire to shift toward more sustainable food products, websites are available to educate shoppers and provide transparency on the food production process.  And, of course, one of the most effective and efficient ways to keep your lifestyle conscious is green energy! Making the effort to retain your energy services from a company that is 100% renewable[MW1]  is a huge step in the right direction.

Ultimately, a conscious lifestyle is a proactive choice that requires mindfulness, intention and, apparently, just the right amount of Gen-Zen savvy. This list will get you started, and we can keep you going![MW2] 


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