Lubbock Deregulation

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Choose E-Volve for Unbeatable Expertise in Lubbock’s new Deregulated Market!

Currently, electricity in Lubbock is regulated.  LP&L is the sole electricity provider and transmission utility for Lubbock residents and business owners.   

In Fall 2023, that is changing! The electricity market in Lubbock will be deregulating and open for competition. You will be able to shop multiple Retail Electric Providers for prices and product structures that have not been available until now.  LP&L will continue to ensure electricity is delivered safely and dependably to your location. 

So, what does this mean for electricity in Lubbock? More options, competitive pricing, and customized contract terms! With multiple providers to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to find electricity plans tailored to your lifestyle and business operations, helping you save on electricity costs and escape one-size-fits-all electricity pricing. During this transition, business owners in particular will find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory. Hiring an experienced energy consultant can be crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful transition. 

To choose the right REP, business owners must consider factors such as contract length, rate stability, and any value-added services that may benefit your business.  Researching and comparing energy providers can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Hiring a consultant saves business owners time and effort by handling the analysis and negotiations, ultimately helping them secure the best possible rates and plans, which can lead to significant cost savings!

Deregulation also means more opportunities to support renewable energy! Beyond procurement, E-Volve Energy is committed to helping your business reduce its environmental impact. Our consultants can identify energy efficiency opportunities and recommend renewable energy solutions that not only lower your energy costs but also contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Worried about the transition? Don’t be! Switching to a new REP is seamless, with no disruption to your electricity service. The only difference you’ll notice is a new provider on your energy bill. At E-Volve Energy, we understand that each business is unique. Our consultants work closely with you to develop customized energy plans that align with your goals, budget, and sustainability initiatives, whether you’re looking for fixed-rate contracts or green energy options. 

Embrace Lubbock’s deregulated energy market and take control of your business’s energy future! Explore your options, save money, and support a cleaner environment. The power is in your hands!


Current Electricity Deregulation Timeline-Confirmed with LP&L

  • E-Volve can start receiving historical usage files 
  • ESIDs will be released in May 2023
  • Commercial contracting can begin upon you receiving your ESID/s.
  • Residential contracting will begin in August.

All contract start dates will be October 1, 2023. *If you have not signed a contract by this date, you will be placed on POLR (Provider of Last Resort), resulting in potentially higher rates.

What are the next steps?

  1. Provide a copy of one of your most recent LP&L invoices here.
    1. LP&L will soon be overwhelmed with usage requests.  Our recommendation is to get the request submitted ASAP.
  2. LP&L requires E-Volve Energy to sign and have Notarized, an “Affidavit of Customer Representation and Release,” acknowledging that we have your permission to receive your historical electricity usage data.  This form does not create or imply any obligation.
    1. This is a form that we sign and have notarized. Your permission is granted by sending us a copy of one of your most recent LP&L invoices. Again, we want to stress that no obligation is created or implied by granting permission to receive your historical data
  3. E-Volve will then send offer requests to all of the major Retail Electric Providers (REPs) and negotiate best contract terms and pricing on your behalf.
  4. Once we have negotiated best terms and pricing, we will schedule a meeting to go through your offers and explain to you the pros and cons of each offer, and make our recommendation. 
  5. When you have made your decision, we request the contract for the winning offer, review it for accuracy, and send it to you for review and signature. 

And that’s it!  At that point, you will have the direct phone, cell phone, and email address to your E-Volve Energy representative.  Instead of having to call an 800-number and bounce around and wait on hold for an over-seas operator, you will call and/or email your representative and we will handle your questions and service issues with our direct contact at your supplier. 

We have already begun to analyze LP&L prices vs the currently competitive market, and prices should be as low as half as much as the all-in prices we have seen on LP&L invoices thus far. 

Why Choose E-Volve?


As Lubbock transitions to a deregulated energy market, business owners may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and new challenges. That’s where E-Volve Energy comes in! E-Volve energy is a true customer advocate and we are on your side. We will help businesses navigate this new landscape and not only survive, but THRIVE in the new deregulated market. 


E-Volve Energy is dedicated to providing comprehensive energy solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. From electricity procurement and self-generation energy options to energy efficiency, demand response programs, and 4CP Management, E-Volve Energy ensures your business has the tools it needs to succeed in the new market.


Our experienced consultants at E-Volve Energy closely monitor the deregulated energy market, providing expert analysis to help you make informed decisions. We ensure that your business benefits from the most competitive rates and contract terms, enabling cost savings and long-term planning and growth. West Texas is extremely unique in every way, that is no different when it comes to the electricity market. E-Volve Energy has experience all over Texas including extensive experience in the volatile West Texas Market. Combined, our team of experts have 100+ years experience in energy conservation, retail power procurement, solar, and other energy technologies. 


At E-Volve Energy, we understand that each business is unique. Our consultants work closely with you to develop customized energy plans that align with your goals, budget, and sustainability initiatives.  Whether you’re looking for fixed-rate contracts or self-generation energy options, E-volve is here to help you understand your options and plan for not only today, but the future of tomorrow.  


E-Volve Energy helps mitigate risks by providing market intelligence and forecasting, allowing your business to make strategic decisions and protect itself from market volatility. Electricity is a commodity market and the price of a commodity cannot be controlled. Controlling your SPEND and managing risk is the name of the game. It is essential to know what technologies are out there, what is coming into the market, and which are cost-competitive with grid electricity. This understanding of technologies, along with knowing how to control usage and knowledge of the commodity market, all combine to ultimately have an impact on managing your overall spend. 


E-Volve Energy is committed to helping your business reduce its environmental impact. Our consultants can identify renewable self-generation and energy efficiency opportunities that not only lower your energy costs but also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Our relationship with your business doesn’t end once a plan is in place. E-Volve Energy provides ongoing support and market monitoring, ensuring your energy strategy remains optimal and adapts to any changes in the market.

 E-Volve Energy is the ideal partner for businesses in Lubbock during the transition to a deregulated energy market. We empower businesses with customized solutions, expert market analysis, risk management, energy efficiency, and ongoing support. Together, we’ll help your business thrive in this new energy landscape.

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