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Keep It Clean: January 2022


That time of year is upon us again. And while we know the last two years have been challenging on a global scale, we look towards the new year with an optimistic gaze. In the realm of renewable energy, traction is already taking place in the DFW metroplex with the most recent announcement that US mayors are working diligently to honor their commitment towards renewable energy.

In fact, 103 US mayors were surveyed regarding the most promising technologies to reduce the carbon footprint in their respective districts.

And of all the answers given, E-volve is proud to be a proactive piece of the solution!

The best news? 2 out of 3 mayors indicate their city already has a strategy in place for building out the infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions.

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“The United States Conference of Mayors is pleased to release our 2021 survey, Leveraging New Technologies to Modernize Infrastructure and Improve Energy Efficiency in America’s Cities, which reports on how mayors are changing the way energy is used and generated in their cities.

This report, like others before it, again demonstrates how mayors are leading the way on energy and climate action, documenting local efforts – be it greater energy efficiency with connected lighting and low-energy buildings to increased deployment of renewable energy and EV charging systems – that are charting the course to a new energy future.”

~Tom Cochran
CEO and Executive Director
The United States Conference of Mayors


So, how is renewable energy measuring up in the current local landscape? For 2020, solar power accounted for 3% of US electricity generation from all sources. Not too bad, right?

The forecast for 2021 was set at 4%. So, still going in the right direction but not a major change just yet. However, the future projections look for solar to provide 14% of all electricity in the US by 2025 and 20% in 2050!

Now, we’re talkin!

Fun fact: did you know that the first use case of solar-powered electricity in the United States was in 1954?

And as it stands right now in our current solar landscape, solar energy can generate electricity in two different ways: solar photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal.

  • Solar PV cells are what we see on residential rooftops and commercial properties. Their job is to directly convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Solar thermal, on the other hand, is created at individualized facilities that use oversized mirrors to concentrate sunlight at a central receptor. The goal? To produce the high temperatures needed to generate electricity with a steam-powered turbine.

Interesting, right?! Check out the full article here.


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