Solar Lies

Is Your Solar Company Lying to You?

And who can you trust as prices continue to rise?

Sadly, the answer is probably yes! Truth be told, little white lies are some of the most common marketing strategies when it comes to selling solar (or anything for that matter). Why? Because in this day and age, lies sell! In fact, telling someone what they want to hear is still one of the most surefire ways to close a deal of almost any kind.

So, what are some of the most common lies customers hear when it comes to selling solar?

  1. Solar is free
  2. New Solar Program Available
  3. Get Paid for Going Solar
  4. Secure Your Federal Tax Credit

Truth Be Told

Now, if you’re one of those customers that heard and believed these lies, don’t fret! You’re in good company. And it’s not that they aren’t completely untrue. It’s that they’re not entirely true. So, in an effort to shed some light on the subject, we’d like to take a moment to offer a reality check. And we’ll take it one at a time…

Solar is free: The truth in this lie is that yes, radiation from the sun is completely free! So are the sunburns, vitamin D infusions and general mood enhancements you get from the sun. However, when it comes to transforming this free-flowing radiation into something we can use to heat and cool our homes, that’s not free at all! Why? Because radiation doesn’t automatically turn into energy just because we want it to. The truth is you have to have some sort of equipment to enable the transfer of radiation into useable energy. And this will, of course, cost money.

New solar program available now: Ever heard the saying “there’s nothing new under the sun?” Well, it’s as true here as it is in many other cases. There are basically only two ways to go solar: purchase or lease. Here’s where the gray area comes into play… when looking at purchasing options, there are financing tiers available based on your average household income. There is also something called the PACE program where you can use the equity you have on your property towards your cost of going solar. So, when you see any solar rep advertising a new program that is now available in your area, it likely means your zip code has been targeted and they have new financing options available based on the average household income in your general radius.

Get paid for going solar: This may be one of the most popular marketing tactics in the industry today. Get paid to go solar! What’s the truth here? Whenever you see ads prompting you to get paid if you switch to solar, it’s usually referring to some sort of sign in bonus or switch up discount – meaning you “get paid” to sign or switch. What they’re not going to tell you is that whatever company is advertising this discount is recouping their cost on the backend – usually in the form of an increase in the overall purchase price or an upcharge in the solar offerings. The only customers who receive genuine discounts are military and first responders.

Secure your federal tax credit: This is a pretty popular one also. Over the last several years, the amount received for tax credits as a result of going solar has varied between 25%-30%. However, it’s important to clarify a very basic truth here: It’s estimated only 60% of homeowners will actually be eligible for the federal tax credit. And this will depend on a slew of different variables, including annual income, number of dependents, composition of the household, available deductions, whether or not you actually have a tax burden, and relevant changes to tax laws. So, it is true that this could be a viable option for some, it’s just not necessarily true for everyone.

And Then There’s Inflation

As if trying to sift through the truth behind the lies when it comes to securing a reliable energy provider isn’t enough, we also now have inflation! As I’m sure you have all noticed, there are no savings one can even attempt to spin here. Prices are going up and that is just the cold hard truth. Whether it be gas prices, energy prices, food prices, or just the average cost of going out for a date night or an evening with family and friends, doing life is getting noticeably more expensive than it used to be. As the US continues to deplete its strategic reserves, one has to wonder what’s next?

As is the case with most of our resources in this turbulent global climate, our grid is aging and strained. The excessive Texas heat this summer took a big toll and there’s nothing preventing another devastating winter storm. This being the case, the necessity to find a reliable, affordable energy provider with an equitable renewable energy buy-back program and fair off-peak price, and to lock your rate and program for as long as possible, is becoming one of the most important in a household’s ability to maintain their lifestyle!

Savings That Ring True

At E-Volve Energy, our pricing is transparent, and our promises are true. What makes us different? Our energy is proprietarily sourced from our own local solar farms. This enables us to offer better off-peak pricing and buy-back programs, honestly and consistently.

Did we mention? Our energy technology is also unparalleled in the industry and our buyback program offers honest savings for those who qualify.  So, while you may not be able to have 100% of your energy offset, you can definitely still maintain a profitable ROI. Ready to get started? Get your FREE quote and solar design with no strings attached today!


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