Watters Creek Mall: LED Lighting Use Case

There’s nothing more unnerving than walking to your car in a dimly lit parking garage at night, right?! Especially during the high-traffic seasons when everyone is consumed with shopping, socializing and trying to make it to their next engagement on time.

Well, local Dallas hotspot Watters Creek had a 2021 initiative to improve this experience for their customers by upgrading their parking garages to the bright side of the equation. And they asked E-Volve to consult on this initiative.

The Asks:

The Watters Creek property management team had specific parameters they wanted to stick to for this upgrade:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Remote management
  3. Automated scheduled operation
  4. Energy savings

And, from a location perspective, a non-gateway system was a critical component to the overall project success.

The Plan:

Our first step was to perform a custom audit to determine the best solution for this job based on building architecture, fixtures, bulbs, lighting levels, energy consumption, employee productivity, budgets, future planning, and ROIs. We then set out to design a customized, turnkey package, from inception to completion, in an effort to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, while eliminating mercury usage and upgrading lighting quality.

To begin with, we recommended Linmore LED fixtures and Avi-on Controls to retrofit several of the covered and open parking areas in this 52-acre mall. Once approved, Avi-on controls were then integrated into 450 LED fixtures at the Linmore factory, which were then installed on poles with no field assembly required.

Fun fact: Each individually controlled fixture was commissioned from the ground using the iOS and Android mobile app.

The Avi-on load controllers were able to create a single, gateway-free mesh across the entire property – bridging several hundred-foot gaps between parking areas seamlessly and making the location much more appealing to their customers.

This solution also offered remote management access to every device on the mall campus, regardless of size, space or location.

The Results:


As expected, the project was a huge success! Estimates for the overall savings to be expected by Watters Creek include:

  1. Annual energy savings of $38,799
  2. Annual maintenance savings of $5,280
  3. Estimated Lifecycle Savings: $440,789.59

So, as you can imagine, the Watters Creek property management team is very happy with their annual energy savings, overall aesthetic upgrade and, most importantly, the additional peace of mind this enhancement has ensured for their customers.

Well, we’ll just let them tell you…

“We cannot say enough good things about the E-Volve team. Not only was their input crucial to the success of our project, their expert understanding, professional work ethic and flawless output created an experience for our customers that will continue to drive our retention strategy and promote our revenue growth. Thanks E-Volve!”

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